• Tel: (336) 788-3020
  • Mail: triadpestcontrol@gmail.com
  • Tel: (336) 788-3020
  • Mail: info@triadpestcontrol.biz

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Call us or send us a message today to schedule a free pest control estimate for your home or office, the first step in keeping pests out of your space.


Call us today to schedule a FREE pest control estimate for your home or office.

With almost three decades of experience, you can rest assured that calling is and scheduling service with us is an exceptional choice. Don’t be afraid to leave us a message here or give a call to one of our extremely friendly and professional team members.

North Carolina, South Carolina, & Virginia
1-800-930-WASP (9277)


 Winston-Salem, NC
1-800-930-WASP (9277)


Washington, DC Office

  • Address: 800# 1535 S Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27107
  • Email: office@triadpestcontrol.com
  • www.triadpestcontrol.com
  • Address: 700 Pennsylvania Ave, SE Suite 2007 Washington, DC 20003

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