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Leaving your space infestation free without sacrificing your safety.

Many pest control chemicals can be dangerous but with our green solutions, you're safe from many common harmful toxins.

Your safety is our first priority. We'll make sure the pests are gone while leaving your space clear of poisonous chemicals.


Dear Valued Customer,


Green Techniques

Green is here!!

Let’s start the New Year off right by treating your homes and businesses with safe, organic materials. The days of using harsh pesticides that are harmful to your children, pets, and the environment are over. Triad Pest Control, Inc. is leading the way to solving your pest control problems using a more natural way.

Rosemary oil, pyrethrum oil, and other essential plant oils…

are the natural treatment substances that will keep you and your family safe. We use materials that are extremely effective, yet still safe to use around children and pets. Each has a low toxicity to humans which is a key factor for helping with allergies and other health problems.

Even the little things…

like using recycled plastic bait stations and glue boards made of natural ingredients set us apart from our competitors. We also use Integrated Pest Management techniques to get to the root of the problem. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is using a variety of chemical and non chemical methods for a long term pest control solution.

Everyone benefits by going green.

We currently service daycares, hospital operating rooms, health care facilities, restaurants, universities, and many other facilities using our green pest control techniques. Become a part of our family of valued customers and we will match the price of your current provider!

Now more than ever…

termites cause more damage than storms and fires combined! Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. Protect it by getting a termite inspection every year. Call 1-800-930-WASP or visit www.triadpestcontrol.com today to schedule an appointment!

Thank You,

Maya Gilliam, Chief Operating Officer

Triad Pest Control, Inc.