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Don't let termites eat away at your home or office!

Termite damage can be costly but our prevention methods can save you a ton.

Termites are on of the most common and destructive pests to your home or office. Save yourself from costly repairs with our termite control services.


Expert, Reliable, and Affordable Termite Control

Triad Pest Control, Inc. offers the best solutions for termite control. We GUARANTEE that you will never have to worry about termites ever again! We will provide the necessary service to protect the premises from wood destroying organisms.
Termite Bond Guarantee- Triad Pest Control promises that if there is ever any live activity from wood destroying organisms, we will treat it at no extra cost. You will also be covered if there is any damage.
Termite Baiting System-Triad Pest Control is able to protect your home from wood destroying organisms and keep them from reaching the structure of your home. We create a barrier around your home so that you won’t have to worry about termite damage.